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Puppies (12-18 weeks)
Following vaccination, puppies can attend. Early training is introduced while puppies learn to socialise in a safe environment. Many problems can be resolved at an early stage before becoming unwelcome bad habits. Children are encouraged to participate. The puppies settle into the beginners classes more easily.

Beginners (5 months upwards)
For those dogs who have not attended classes before (other than the Puppy Class). Dogs are accepted from the age of 5 months and above. The aim of this class is to teach your dog basic forms of obedience in Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Heel. Kind methods are used and training is reward based. By gaining more control of your dog his general behaviour will improve.

The Stay and Heelwork exercises are progressed. New exercises are introduced including Retrieve, Send-away and Distance Control. The dogs enjoy these activities which can only be introduced once basic obedience has been achieved.

The aim of this class is to produce steadier and more reliable dogs capable of working on and off the lead to a higher level of achievement in all disciplines. Scent discrimination, Drop on Recall and more advanced Heelwork exercises are introduced.